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Research &and Analysis - What We Do: The Eatelier | Katinka Versendaal
What We Do

Research & Analysis

My subject of research, and my medium for expressing my ideas, is food and its future. I therefore define myself as a gastronomic futurologist”. Food is one of the fundamental, everyday human needs. As such, it largely defines the way we live, build our physical or social space, communicate and create culture, and our relationship with the natural world.

In my design process, I examine the historical context, events and value definitions that have led to our current situation and diet. I analyze the status quo and define and create alternative visions for the future. This results in in-depth insights and strategic future forecasting into upcoming changes in the food & hospitality industry.

In collaboration with academics, scientists, chefs and hospitality professionals, I develop dishes, menus and food products that respond to these newly developed theories and resulting future aspirations. I call this “Speculative Gastronomy.”

Through “speculative gastronomy,” I want to act as a catalyst for a collective redefinition of our relationship with our food. My desire is to encourage an imagination for alternative visions of the future in relation to what and how we eat. I accomplish this by creating and serving up what-if scenarios.

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