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Synesthetic Dinner
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Synesthetic Dinner

Synesthesia is one of the most interesting and wonderful neurological phenomena. It is a condition where senses get linked together, causing people to, for example, see colors while hearing music, experience flavors when listening to words or see letters and numbers related to specific colors. Even though we all have this condition a little developed, specially until we are about 4 months old, only 1 lucky person out of 200 experiences a form of this phenomenon at an adult age. In our laboratory we offer you the chance to experience being synesthetic, by stimulating your senses, no matter what age you are. We will link colorful and tasteful dishes to sounds, scents & colors. At our table, dinner will feed all of your senses.

The Synesthetic Dinner is created in collaboration with a DJ and a visual artist. During the courses the guests are requested to put on their headphones while the DJ will play live music and the room and tabletop will come to life by light projections designed to compliment the dishes that are being served. The Synesthetic dinner is a 5 course dinner which takes you on a magnificent taste journey.



We took inspiration from the recent discoveries in the gastrophysica, were we consider the color of the food on the plate and the color of the lights by projecting a flowing visual art piece on the table as well as the sounds that the guest would hear by giving them headphones that would connect them to a live DJ that would freestyle according to the flavors in the dishes. This experience simultaneously heightens the taste experience by stimulating multiple senses at the same time, as well as it creates a mindfulness while eating and therefore enhancing a higher level of concentration on the food.

In collaboration with:

Visual artist: Nacor Martina
Music: Habib Kachi

Photography: Tiny Mountain