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How We Work

Our Method

How We Work Method The Eatelier
Our Method

How We Work

How We Work: Working with food leads me to connect my work
to the gastronomic world. This is the place where
innovative or provocative experiments with food
can take place, and the field that the world looks
to for inspiration and concrete examples about
what to eat next. Therefore, gastronomy and taste
research can play a fundamental role in promoting
sustainable practices, and in communicating public
health and environmental issues. This design
approach is, to my knowledge, unique in the
Dutch food-design field.

In my design process, I examine the historical
context, events and value definitions that have
led to our current situation and diet. I analyze
the status quo and define and create alternative
visions for the future. In collaboration with
academics, scientists, chefs and hospitality
professionals, I develop dishes and food products
that respond to these newly developed theories
and resulting future aspirations. I call this
“Speculative Gastronomy.”

At my dinner events, which include policymakers,
academics, and economic stakeholders, I critically
engage and educate about the dangers – and
possible solutions – currently facing the food
system. I open the dialogue with the audience
and moments of interaction organically arise
between attendees from different backgrounds.
The goal is for this to lead to a deeper awareness
of the aforementioned social issues, as I aim to
inspire and spark conversations about possible
solutions. After the event the research, the concept
and the results are elaborated in a book, a ‘lecture
with tasting’ and various public media appearances
like podcasts, talk shows and documentaries,
through which I expand the reach of my projects
and ensure a lasting result.

How We Create

How We Work The Eatelier

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